What is the Dapper wallet used for?

Dapper is a digital wallet that lets you access and interact with your NFTs on the Flow blockchain. It performs all traditional wallet functions, such as funds storage and sales transaction processing, but with one major difference—Dapper is also a decentralized app that lives on the Flow blockchain, just like your NFTs. Think of it as a key that lets you discover and secure your digital assets. In a broader sense, Dapper is one of the easiest ways to access Web3.

The world of NFTs can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never dabbled in the crypto economy. The Dapper wallet is custom-built to alleviate some of those first-timer jitters with its enhanced security features and a familiar checkout experience that makes buying, selling, storing, and showcasing your NFTs much easier. It is also one of the five digital wallets supported by Instagram’s new NFT display feature that allows you to show off your Flow NFTs from your Dapper wallet right on your Instagram feed.

Dapper is free to use, so it makes for a great wallet for beginners, but also scales for expert users. It gives you access to some of the most popular NFTs on the market, such as NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, Seussibles!, Flovatar, and many more. You can sign up in seconds and start collecting in no time.

Features of the Dapper wallet

  • Sign up in just a few clicks using your existing Google account or with an email address and password
  • View all sales and transactions in your activity history
  • Checkout with a wide variety of payment options
  • See and showcase all your NFTs in one place
  • Make offers to buy and sell NFTs to other community members
  • Personalize your account with a unique avatar
  • Connect Dapper to Instagram to show off your verified NFTs to your friends and followers 

Enhanced security features 

In 2021, the Web3 community saw an uptick in NFT scams and hacks, but rest assured that you’ll be safe using Dapper. 

Firstly, Dapper wallet is known for its enhanced security and scam-prevention protocols that are designed to keep your digital assets safe.

  1. Identity verification is required for deposits and withdrawals over a certain amount.
  2. Fraud protection notifications will let you know of any suspicious activity.
  3. Multi-factor authentication is available to protect your account from unauthorized use. It uses an authentication app that generates a randomized 6-digit number every few seconds. You will then have to use your mobile device to confirm that number in order to gain access to your account. For more tips on security, check out this post on how to avoid NFT scams.

In addition to user identity, Dapper also verifies all the NFTs that are sold via Dapper wallet and uses fraud monitoring algorithms to detect suspicious behavior.

Options for 2-step verification
Set up 2-step verification with an authenticator app

Dapper wallet: frequently asked questions

Where can I use my Dapper wallet?

Your Dapper wallet can be used across all products from Dapper Labs, such as NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, and UFC Strike!, as well as other Flow NFT marketplaces and projects like Gaia, Flovatar, and more.

What payment options do I have with the Dapper wallet? 

Dapper accepts multiple payment methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies like FLOW, Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI, and USDC. You can use these payment methods directly, or you can use them to add funds to your Dapper Balance, which are like credits that you can use immediately to purchase NFTs. 

How do I add funds to my Dapper Balance?

Adding funds to your Dapper wallet is easy. You have the option to add USD from your credit card, bank account, or Coinbase exchange.

Load funds into your Dapper Balance
Purchase with your Dapper Balance funds

If you use the Coinbase exchange option, you are adding funds to your Dapper Balance using cryptocurrency from your Coinbase account, such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI, and USDC.

For more information, check out this support article on adding funds to your Dapper Balance.

How do I cash out my Dapper Balance?

In order to withdraw from your Dapper Balance, you must first successfully complete your identity check. Once cleared, you will be able to make withdrawal requests immediately. If you have not begun the identity check process, you can get started in your Dapper account's 'Security' section.

You must have at least $10 USD withdrawable Dapper Balance to request a withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $3 USD for ACH, $10 USD for USDC and $30 USD for Wire Transfer. Please note: Only one withdrawal request can be made at a time. For more information visit this support article on withdrawing your Dapper balance.

Can I buy crypto with my Dapper wallet?

This function is currently not supported. But the Dapper wallet does support the ability to hold / use FLOW tokens—Flow blockchain’s native currency.

If you have additional questions, check out our Help Center.