Our friends over at Meta recently announced an exciting new partnership with easy-to-use wallet Dapper. They also shared that Instagram’s new NFT (non-fungible token) display feature is expanding to now include support for the Flow blockchain and rollout to 100 additional countries. 

These announcements are game-changers for collectors, creators, and developers using Dapper or building on Flow. Collectors will be able to display their digital collectibles directly on their Instagram profile, tag the creators, and share NFTs to their feed. Once access is granted, a collector or creator can simply connect a Dapper wallet to their Instagram account to get started—and we provide directions later in this post.

For all of our Dapper holder friends in the U.S., Instagram’s new NFT feature will be progressively opened up over the next few weeks until everyone has access. For everyone else in international markets, the feature will be gradually rolled out over an extended timeframe.

This is a monumental moment, not just for NFT collectors but for all of Web3. While blockchain technology to-date has been mostly used to create and sell tokens–both fungible, like cryptocurrency, and non-fungible, like digital collectibles–it will one day serve as the underpinning for the entire metaverse. Just like the internet, blockchain will make practically every aspect of our day-to-day lives better, but first mainstream consumers need to start using it. This partnership between Instagram, the Flow blockchain, and Dapper will help to push this past the “early adopter” stage, and into the forefront of our culture.

Both Dapper and the Flow blockchain were designed for that exact purpose–to usher in the mainstream adoption of Web3 technology. Let’s walk through some of the specific reasons this has made Dapper and Flow such perfect partners for Instagram, and what the new partnership means for collectors, creators, and developers.

Dapper – the perfect introduction to Web3

Dapper offers the easiest and safest introduction to Web3. It provides a frictionless one-stop-shop experience with robust solutions across identity management, wallet, distribution, marketplace and checkout in one neat package. For folks joining Web3 for the first time, this makes the experience much smoother and, as a result, more scalable.

Dapper partners receive all the tools and support they need to launch a consumer-ready NFT project that will resonate with collector communities. In just a few years, Dapper has built a vibrant community of over 2.5 million people, including consumer-scale platforms like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day. Today, Dapper is trusted by some of the best known brands in the world, including the NBA, NFL, UFC, and other leading NFT and game developers. From RCRDSHP to Vault by CNN to Seussibles, customers can discover unique digital experiences that connect back to the brands, hobbies, and sports that already resonate with them.

With this pivotal partnership between Dapper’ and Instagram, developers and creators now have the opportunity to reach billions of digital natives–and potential customers–via a channel they already use regularly. It will also help demystify NFTs for consumers, illustrating how blockchain technology can build on what they already know and love in Web2.

Flow – a blockchain built for the mainstream

Onboarding the masses onto Web3 also requires a world-class blockchain, built for both consumers and developers to easily use at scale. Flow delivers on both fronts. 

Flow’s battle-tested scalability and simplified user onboarding experience has made it home to one of the most vibrant ecosystems in Web3. The developers and partners building on Flow range from Fortune 500 companies to startups, which have collectively raised over $4 billion from some of the world’s top venture capital firms. With NBA Top Shot alone, the Flow network has supported 21 million on-chain transactions from over 690,000 unique Dapper wallet collectors, generating over $1 billion in secondary marketplace sales. 

Flow is also the most carbon efficient major blockchain. Based on 2021 usage, Flow uses just 0.18 GWh annually. In fact, minting a NFT on Flow consumes even less energy than a single Google search, and driving one mile in a car is equivalent to minting one million Flow NFTs. 

Get ready for the rollout now

Instagram’s NFT feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks, and collectors and creators like you can get their NFTs ready for spotlight by priming their collection and ensuring they know how to connect their wallet correctly.

Once the feature becomes available, the Dapper wallet can be connected to Instagram by following these steps:

  • Select Settings from Instagram profile
  • Tap on Digital Collectibles 
  • Choose Dapper from the list of wallets and sign in with Dapper account credentials

For more information, watch this instructional video.

To get started as a collector, choose from popular NFTs to buy with Dapper and display on your Instagram.

For developers looking to build on the Flow network or integrate Dapper for their next NFT venture, get started here