Today, September 20, is officially recognized as the first annual NFT Day, and one of the many ways we are celebrating is with an exciting announcement: FLOW, the native digital currency of the Flow blockchain, is now supported in the Dapper Wallet! Dapper users can now transact with FLOW the same way they currently do with their Dapper Balance (USD), including paying for digital collectibles (NFTs), making deposits and withdrawals, and earning rewards. 

From its inception, the entire Flow ecosystem—including FLOW cryptocurrency, Dapper Wallet, and hundreds of decentralized apps that are built on top of the Flow blockchain—was designed to make it easier for people to discover and enjoy the benefits of Web3 even if they don’t have any prior experience with it. 

Bringing FLOW to Dapper opens a world of exciting new possibilities and is a giant step toward getting more people comfortable with crypto and blockchain technologies in general, especially NFTs. If you’re curious about the history of NFTs and Dapper Labs’ role in bringing this technology into the mainstream, read our History of NFTs article to learn more.

Dapper and FLOW. Why now?

With Dapper and FLOW originating from the same blockchain, many might be asking why it took so long for such a natural integration to occur.

To be clear, bringing FLOW to Dapper has always been our vision. But it’s only a part of it. We are committed to bringing the first billion customers to the blockchain and this means onboarding people with zero cryptocurrency experience who might be hesitant to use something they don’t fully understand. This is why we decided on a more phased approach. When Dapper Labs partnered with NBA to create NBA Top Shot, we prioritized Dapper payments in USD—the currency that NBA fans are already comfortable with and use every day. This decision has undoubtedly contributed to NBA Top Shot’s remarkable popularity and created a blueprint for the launch of NFL All Day and UFC Strike—both of which currently take payments in USD.

Now that these projects have successfully launched, we are ready to introduce over 2.5 million Dapper holders to FLOW and its many benefits. Paying with FLOW is just as easy as paying with conventional currency and you can follow the same steps at checkout. Many exciting NFT projects on Dapper now support FLOW, and there is a great deal more to come.

The benefits of using FLOW 

FLOW currency is the fuel that powers the Flow blockchain and is the keystone for an inclusive and borderless digital economy. For everyday consumers, it offers the most seamless and cost-effective way to participate in the flourishing Flow ecosystem and its growing communities. Here are just some practical benefits of paying with FLOW in Dapper:

• Skip the transaction fees: The Flow network already has some of the lowest fees in comparison to other blockchains or credit cards that can charge up to 5% per transaction. For a limited time, when using FLOW in Dapper, you will pay zero transaction fees, leaving more funds for all those fabulous NFTs you’ve been eyeing. 

• Access exclusive content: There are many NFTs in the ecosystem that are only available for purchase with FLOW, like those minted at Flovatar. Plus, paying with FLOW in Dapper can unlock exclusive bonuses and offers.

• Go green: Due to its novel four-node proof-of-stake architecture, the Flow blockchain—and by extension, FLOW currency— is one of the most carbon-efficient digital ecosystems, using only 0.18 GWh annually. Flow transactions consume just a tiny fraction of the energy consumed by “proof-of-work” blockchains. In fact, the carbon footprint of a Flow transaction is even less than a Google search. 

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Flow and its low environmental impact.

How you can enjoy your FLOW in Dapper

You can buy FLOW from many major crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance and send it to your Dapper account for safe storage, management, and transactions. Additionally, there are many great places where you can spend your FLOW on digital services and experiences. Here are a few of our Dapper-supported favorites you can start with:

Live now

Gaia: one of the world's best digital collectible marketplaces


Gaia is one of the world’s best digital collectible marketplaces built on the Flow blockchain. To celebrate NFT Day, Gaia is excited to announce that—for the first time ever—NBA Top Shot Moments are available for selling and buying on the Gaia marketplace using FLOW in your Dapper wallet.

Flovatar: a next generation NFT creativity platform


Flovatar is a next generation NFT creativity platform where anyone can become a creator and make unique NFT characters from billions of possible unique combinations. Starting today, FLOW in your Dapper wallet is accepted in Flovatar’s own marketplace

But that’s not all! Flovatar is taking innovation to the next level by giving you the ability to build your own Web3 universe. They’re launching TerraKits, which allow you to build your own asteroid island as your personal digital home, and the FUB (Flovatar Universe Builder), where you can fully customize your NFTs without a single line of code. Exclusive packs for FLOW in Dapper wallet are dropping on September 26.

Inception Animals: a retro futuristic 3D metaverse

Inception Animals

Enter a retro futuristic 3D metaverse where you can explore, craft, complete exciting in-game challenges, and interact with other players through your spirit animals. In honor of NFT Day, Inception Animals is offering a free mint to Dapper wallet users (with a total supply of 2920). You can also tip Dapper Balance or FLOW—and with every $20 USD or 10 FLOW tip, you’ll earn another free mint. 

Seussibles! Officially licensed Dr. Seuss NFTs


Seussibles! is an officially licensed Dr. Seuss NFT collecting experience celebrating fandoms, community, and pride of ownership—brought to you by the team that’s been building NFTs for brands like Star Wars, Disney and NFL since 2012. Now, you can buy packs and list them on the Seussibles marketplace using FLOW in Dapper.

I.AM System: an evolutionary NFT metaverse

I.AM System

Experience the incredible I.AM System, an evolutionary NFT metaverse where you are the ultimate champion of your tribe. I.AM System is an immersive experience of gamified avatar collections in a fierce competition to restore the interdimensional balance. Be sure to claim your I.AM System mint pass and check out their new drop, available exclusively to Dapper users who purchase with FLOW.

Coming soon

TuneGO: the Web3 music platform


The mission of TuneGO is to protect music and digital media, empower the creative community, and accelerate the world’s transition to Web3. TuneGO already secures 800,000+ tracks from the world’s leading creators and is trusted by global music superstars and other industry professionals. Mark your calendars—the next featured drop from Method Man and Snoop Dogg is on September 30. You can also check out new unreleased music and amazing artwork from NY artists Alex Smetsky and Aleks Sinyuts.

SolarPups: collect, play, breed, sell


Inspired by Cryptokitties, SolarPups is a 3D, animated, interactive NFT game built on the Flow blockchain where you can collect, play with, breed, and sell adorable Shiba Inu NFT pups. SolarPups will be coming to Dapper and accepting FLOW soon!

CryptoPiggos: get ready for the Piggos Evolution


CryptoPiggos is a colorful, joyful, and fun NFT project with a focus on inclusivity for all genders. Free the Piggos from the Pig Pen, unlock their true powers, and change their destiny forever. Make sure to get your Dapper ready for the new Piggos Evolution dropping September 30, 2022.

XvsX, brought to you by Metta World Peace


XvsX Sports is offering Web3 participation in games that are happening in the physical world. By participating, you’re directly supporting future basketball stars and bringing attention to the best players in our collective neighborhoods. Brought to you by NBA Champion, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate—Metta World Peace. The project will be dropping soon, so stay tuned.

Analogs, created by Heavy Metal Magazine

Analogs (Heavy Metal)

Another exciting project by Sturdy Exchange, The Analogs are a group of 10,000 half-robotic, half-biological beings created by @heavymetalink. Embark on a journey of a lifetime by designing new life-forms (in the form of artworks) that will inhabit a wild, weird creative universe, realized as a visionary new sci-fi comic from Heavy Metal. Keep your eyes out for when Analogs will officially launch!

Hoodlums: unique characters designed by somehoodlum


Hoodlums, brought to you by Sturdy Exchange, is the first generative art project on Flow and it includes over 5000 uniquely generated characters designed by @somehoodlum. If you are a fan of pop art, music, comedy, sneakers, live events, and just cool stuff in general, then you will fit right in with the Hoodlums NFT Community. These unique NFTs are coming soon and will be available for purchase with FLOW in Dapper.

This is just the beginning…

Here at Dapper, we believe that everyone should have seamless access to Web3, no matter what currency they prefer. We hope you enjoy using FLOW in your Dapper