Your Dapper Balance just got even more useful.

In addition to using your Dapper Balance in the wide range of apps integrated with Dapper – NBA Top Shot, NFL ALLDAY, and Genies, for example – you can now convert your Dapper Balance to USDC on Flow to explore the other apps in the booming Flow ecosystem as well.

This critical new currency enhancement also allows you to save on withdrawal fees in the process. Unlike many other blockchains, transactions on Flow have minimal cost, so if you make a withdrawal into USDC your fee will be much more affordable.

Please note: this feature is being launched to our community in stages. As we rollout it out, we will contact you directly so you can begin using USDC on Flow to explore new and exciting apps.

And this is just a start – one more step in Dapper’s continued commitment to supporting the ever-growing open Metaverse on Flow. You can expect to hear about another important currency announcement soon. In the meantime, here’s how to take advantage of this new functionality: 

To withdraw to USDC on Flow

  • Select the USDC on Flow option on your Withdraw Dapper Balance screen
  • You will then be prompted to enter the amount you want to withdraw and to connect your Blocto wallet (if you haven’t already). After your Blocto wallet is connected, your USDC on Flow will be sent there.

Please note: Many apps across the Flow ecosystem are currently building support for USDC on Flow. With that in mind, we recommend using Bloctoswap, located in your Blocto wallet, to convert your USDC to either FLOW or FUSD. Both FLOW and FUSD can be used in nearly every app on Flow and will give you the opportunity to fully explore the ecosystem. 

To bring your funds back into Dapper

  • Convert your USDC or FUSD into FLOW using Bloctoswap. You can skip this step if you already converted your USDC into FLOW when you initially made your withdrawal. 
  • Send your FLOW to yourself at an exchange that supports FLOW, such as Binance or Kraken. 
  • Then, exchange that FLOW for BTC, ETH, DAI, BCH, or USDC (on ETH).
  • Finally, log in to Dapper and purchase Dapper Balance using the crypto payment option. This will be done through Coinbase Commerce. During this process, you will have the ability to transfer funds from another exchange (ie. Binance or Kraken) to Coinbase in order to facilitate the payment. 

For more on how to convert your Dapper Balance into USDC on Flow, check out our latest guide

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