Creators are more than the developers of content we love to consume, they define culture across a multitude of verticals. But they haven't always been able to realize the value of their work. We believe decentralized technology can empower creators to come up with novel experiences, monetize their content, and create deeper connections through a digital world. 

Dapper Labs has been at the forefront of web3 technology since 2017 when we kicked off the NFT revolution around what we believed would be one of the real superpowers of web3 - a world where people can own and exchange their digital assets without boundaries, and billions of products and services are predominantly exchanged online, peer-to-peer.

Since that time, we’ve demonstrated how it’s possible to redefine creativity, fandom, and consumer experiences on the blockchain through delightful experiences like NBA Top Shot, CryptoKitties, NFL All Day, Dapper Wallet, and many more. These products have changed the course of internet history, opening up an entirely new industry and introducing web3 directly to millions of users.

We believe that we’re just scratching the surface of what is possible with NFTs.

  • For creators, this is not only a new medium through which creativity can be exchanged and expressed, but also expands what experiences can be created. Additionally, it creates meaningful new monetization opportunities and gives them unique visibility into who their biggest fans are.
  • For communities, NFTs are incredibly powerful in enabling participation, engagement, bonding and co-creation, and are only becoming deeper and more multifaceted in the experiences they are delivering.
  • For fans, collectors, users, NFTs allow them to support creators and communities, express their own individuality or fandom, and unlock novel and engaging digital journeys.

It’s now time to open up the knowledge and technology we’ve built over the years and make it accessible to creators. No coding needed. No complex technical lingo. No strings attached. We are clearing the path for creators so you can focus on what you do best while receiving direct benefits from your craft and building more engaged communities. No matter what type of creator you are - artists, musicians, gamers, streamers, authors, video producers, comedians, designers, lifestyle influencers and more - you can tap into a new world of possibilities through NFTs and build direct links with your audience.

Through Dapper Creator, there will be fundamentally new and interesting ways to monetize, reward and build individualized connections between you and your audience, across platforms. It’s our goal to lift up the creator economy in the process and give creators powerful tools to join the web3 revolution with us.

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