Withdrawal Access

Withdrawing from Dapper is easy and secure.

All you need to do to gain access to withdrawals is maintain an account balance greater than $5 and be an active user for more than one week. Once you've met those requirements, you should receive access to withdrawals within 48 hours.

Finally, in order to withdraw from your Dapper Balance, you must also successfully complete an identity check. The identity check can be done any time – you don't have to wait for withdrawal access to complete it. In fact, we recommend you complete your identity check in advance so that you're able to withdraw right when you receive access.

As soon as withdrawals are enabled on your account, you'll be able to access withdrawals in your Dapper account under the 'Payments & Payouts' tab.

Once you have access, you'll can head to the 'Withdraw Dapper Balance' page by clicking "Withdraw balance" as is shown above:

Withdrawal Options

We currently offer two withdrawal options:

Withdrawal requests are also manually reviewed. This review process allows us to ensure the safety of our community and comply with financial industry regulations. To date, more than 95% of withdrawal requests are approved in under 72 hours. As soon as your request has been approved, you will also receive an email confirming your withdrawal.

Withdrawal Processing Times

Once your withdrawal has been processed and you have received your confirmation email, the receiving party will need to process the transaction as well. For wire transfers, banks may take up to 10 business days to process the transaction. For USDC withdrawals, the receiving wallet should be credited in 2-3 business days.

Withdrawal Limits

All withdrawals from Dapper, both in the form of wire transfers to a bank account or withdrawals to USDC, are subject to limits to protect the community and comply with financial regulations.

You can choose to withdraw funds from your Dapper Wallet using the following methods:

Wire Transfers: You can withdraw up to $9,999 USD per withdrawal via wire transfer to banks based in participating countries (currently the USA, UK, and Canada). There is a $25 USD fee for wire transfer withdrawals. Please note: the receiving bank may charge an additional fee to receive the wire transfer.

USDC: You can withdraw up to $2,500 USD per withdrawal by converting your Dapper Balance to USDC. There is a $5 USD fee (to cover the ‘gas’) for each USDC withdrawal. We recommend withdrawing to Coinbase, but you can use any Ethereum wallet that accepts USDC. Please confirm that your Ethereum wallet provider accepts USDC and that you've added the correct destination wallet address before submitting your withdrawal request. USDC withdrawals are not yet available in Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, or New York.

Over time, Dapper withdrawal limits can change based on activity. For example, the initial limits placed on withdrawals are set at a lower amount but can incrementally increase based on good financial behavior, just as a credit card limit increases.

Other Withdrawal Information

  • At this time, you will be limited to one withdrawal at a time.
  • A minimum withdrawal of $30 USD is required.
  • Wire transfer and cryptocurrency withdrawals may have associated fees.

You can learn more about withdrawals from your Dapper Wallet here.

If your account was created more than 4 weeks ago and still does not have access to withdrawals, you can reach out to our Support Team here.

Please note: For the safety of our community, we routinely monitor for risky behavior patterns and reserve the right to withhold or revoke withdrawal access from bad actors on the platform.


Have more questions about withdrawals? Check out our Help Center.