Your Dapper Balance are the funds (in USD) that you have available for use in your Dapper account at any given time. Dapper Balance can be used to purchase NBA Top Shot packs and individual Moments on the Top Shot marketplace.  

As you make purchases, sales, deposits, or withdraw your funds, those changes will be reflected in the balance displayed in your Dapper account.

How to Purchase Dapper Balance

Dapper Balance can be purchased in just a few easy steps using your credit or debit card, as well as cryptocurrency.

For step-by-step instructions on how to purchase Dapper Balance, check out our article: Adding Funds to Your Dapper Balance.

How to Withdraw From Your Dapper Balance

You can also withdraw funds from your Dapper Balance in two ways:

  • Via wire transfer to either a Canadian, US, or UK bank account.
  • By converting your Dapper Balance to USDC and sending those tokens to any Ethereum wallet address that accepts USDC.

To learn more about withdrawing from your Dapper Balance, including step-by-step instructions for the options listed above, read our article: How to Withdraw.

Please note: you may also, from time to time, have a non-withdrawable Dapper Balance. These are funds deposited into your Dapper Balance from various promotional campaigns and other sources. These are funds that must first be used for purchases and cannot initially be withdrawn.  

How to View Your Dapper Balance

To view your Dapper Balance, simply go to your Dapper account. Your Dapper Balance will be the funds displayed in your account's 'Home' tab, as well as in the 'Payments and Payouts' tab.

If you are trying to reach your Dapper account via the Dapper website, click 'Continue to Dapper' on the homepage.


If you are trying to reach your Dapper account from NBA Top Shot, hover over the person icon in the top right corner of your account, and select 'My Dapper Wallet.'