You can add funds to your Dapper Balance via your account's Payments page, using either your debit or credit card, or the cryptocurrency of your choice.

To Add Funds to Your Dapper Balance

1. Open your Dapper account.

2. Select ‘Payments & Payouts’ from the menu on the left.

3. Input the amount you wish to add in the field labeled ‘Add funds to your balance.'

4. Click 'Add Funds.'

5. Then, choose whether you want to pay with your debit card, credit card, or cryptocurrency, and confirm your purchase.

Using Cryptocurrency to Add Funds to Your Dapper Balance

If you choose the crypto option, you will be given info on our supported cryptocurrencies and other related details, before being prompted to enter the Coinbase Commerce flow to complete your payment.

Please note: The cryptocurrencies we currently support are Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI, and USDC. These are the Ethereum versions of both DAI and USDC – we do not support any other DAI or USDC token variations.

All crypto charges will be shown in USD until you select the cryptocurrency of your choice. It is strongly recommended you pay the full cryptocurrency amount by typing in the full ETH/BTC amount to avoid any errors (under or overpayments). 


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