Making deposits and withdrawals from Dapper just got even easier. 

If you have an account at a US-based bank, and have completed your identity check, you can now link that account to Dapper to make easy deposits and seamless withdrawals. Please note: the vast majority of US-based banks are included, but there may be some that can’t be linked.

Linking your bank account this way is a quick and secure method to transfer funds between accounts. All bank accounts linked to Dapper will begin with a $24,500 USD daily deposit limit, and a $9,999 USD daily withdrawal limit. 

Each withdrawal has a 0.15% fee, up to a maximum fee of $7.50. That maximum fee is equal to a $5,000 USD withdrawal, anything above that does not have a fee. 

Making it easier to collect 

Offering simple, but powerful, payment and withdrawal options is a cornerstone of the Dapper philosophy. For example, the choice to link a US bank account directly to Dapper bolsters an already robust suite of options with another easy-to-use payment and withdrawal method for all current collectors to use. 

But it also helps expand our community and makes the world of digital collectibles and crypto easier to get involved in by giving community members straightforward and intuitive ways to begin enjoying the world of blockchain-powered assets.

How to link your bank account to Dapper

You can set up this new payment and withdrawal option in just a few steps. 

First, navigate to Payments & Payouts tab of your Dapper account. Once there, follow the instructions laid out in this step-by-step guide. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help.

Friendly reminder: as mentioned up top, you must complete your identity check before you can link your bank account to Dapper.

Other Dapper deposit and withdrawal options

If you don't have an account at any of the US banks available in the steps linked above, you can still deposit and withdraw funds from Dapper, as well as make easy payments with your credit card, debit card, and cryptocurrency.  

For more info on how to use these payment methods, check out our Help Center article: Adding funds to your Dapper Balance.

To learn more about withdrawing your funds via wire transfer to a US, Canadian, or UK-based bank account, read our Help Center article: Wire transfer withdrawals.

If you prefer withdrawing your funds to USDC, you'll want to review this guide: How do I withdraw my Dapper Balance to USDC.