Dapper community, 

Today in celebration of #NFTDay2023, we are excited to unveil a major upgrade coming soon to Dapper: the ability to take full control of your Dapper account and link your own external wallet with a single click. 

For collectors, this means your Dapper account can give you access to a world of new apps and experiences built for your NFTs by developers all around the world. 

For developers, this means you can build and deploy permissionlessly on flow.com and anyone with a Dapper account can easily use your product once they’ve linked their external wallet.

Let’s dive into the details of linking wallets, the roadmap to its release for Dapper collectors, and what it means for you as a part of our community.

Making Web 3 disappear

Web 3, at its core, is about enabling an open digital future. One where users can control their own assets and data and take them anywhere they choose; one where creators can connect with their own communities and monetize however they want to; where developers can build software that outlasts its maker.

Until now, Web 3 developers including Dapper Labs had to choose between two equally poor options –– do we embrace the full promise of the technology at the expense of a good user experience, or do we prioritize ease of use while compromising on the fundamentals of openness and decentralization? 

The ability to link accounts on Flow changes this. 

Developers can now create Dapper-quality onboarding experiences (or better! Wait until you see where we are taking our mobile apps) without compromising on decentralization –– with a single click, anyone can connect their original account with an external wallet, delegating permissions and taking control. 

We have come a long way since the first NFT standard was introduced six years ago today, but we are just beginning to see the pieces in place for real adoption. 

Empowering Non-Custodial Apps with Account Linking: 

We’re doubling down on our commitment to an ecosystem of non-custodial applications building with Dapper collectibles. Account linking is the key to this new era, enabling more control and flexibility for developers and for members of the community. 

With account linking, you can use collectibles from your Dapper Wallet across various apps and services, allowing for easier composability than ever before. 

How To Get Started:

The opportunity to take early access of account linking is officially open for developers and collectors wanting to opt-in to this feature. You can start using and building linked apps today. To gain early access and join the revolution, simply request access through Dapper Support with the reason for contact being “Account Linking” along with your Dapper Wallet email address. We will review and enable access frequently for those who opt-in starting today.

The Roadmap to Release:

  • October 20th: Extending additional access to select groups of collectors.
  • November: During the next Flow hackathon, there will be a dedicated track for developers composing with linked Dapper Wallet accounts.  
  • Late Q4: A wider rollout for the entire community. 

Launch with Flowty:

We're thrilled to partner with Flowty, a secondary marketplace, to launch account linking. Their talented developers have played a pivotal role in bringing account linking to life. They will be the first use-case of account linking with a non-custodial secondary marketplace. Checkout their account linking hub here.

Flow Reference Wallet: 

The Flow Reference Wallet has just launched thanks to our partners formerly known as Lillico. Don't forget to check out the Flow Reference Wallet, which has already launched and will soon allow all ecosystem partners to reward their customers in Flow directly. As we progress, we anticipate many of your favorite applications to embrace account linking. 

Looking Forward:

NFT Day is a momentous occasion for the Flow blockchain community, and Dapper Labs' commitment to non-custodial apps through account linking is a significant leap forward. This development promises to unlock new possibilities, enhance user experiences, and strengthen the Flow ecosystem as a whole. As we journey through this roadmap together, the future looks brighter than ever. 

Stay tuned, get involved, and let's continue celebrating the power of NFTs on Flow. The best is yet to come!